Snacks & Sharing

Arugula Salad  8
radish, carrot, asian pear, soy and yuzu vinaigrette

Vegetable Of The Moment  2
chef’s choice of seasonal vegetable

Warm Potato Salad  9
andouille sausage, celery, onion

Endive Salad  9
lardons, mint, feta, lemon dressing

Mac n Cheese 9
cheese from cart and cheddar sauce, bread crumbs

Osso Chicken 9
buffalo sauce, blue cheese, julienne celery

Shrimp Salad  11
oranges, avocado, dijon vinaigrette

Braised Short Rib 12
mango coulis, fennel and pepper slaw, fried tortilla

Pork BBQ Sliders   12
collard green slaw, fries

Fried  Oysters   12
chickpea creusted oysters, lime and avocado puree, black pepper

Charcuterie Platter 14
serrano ham, boar salami, ‘nduja, sweet and sour cipollini onions, beer mustard ans crostini

Mussels 14
white wine tomatillo broth, ciabatta and lemon oil

Vegetarian Tagine 14
red pepper tomato sauce, eggplant, herbs, toasted almonds, white raisins

Roasted Cauliflower 15
red curry basmati rice, warm kale salad

Margarita Flatbread   12
San marzano tomatoes, fresh mozz, , crispy proscuitto, garlic oil, micro arugula

Fresh Catch   20
seasonal selection and preparation of the freshest fish available

Strip Tender Steak 17                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Mashed potatoes, seasoned vegetables, demi glaze


Dessert Course

Ice Cream Flavor Of The Day  5
two scoops of the chef’s flavor of the day

Cake Of The Moment  6
freshly made in house

Apple Tart  6

Chocolate Love   9
rich chocolate custard topped with house-made quadruple berry sauce